Alternative Lending For Your Best Clients

460 MIC is a trusted private lender in BC. We establish long-lasting relationships with brokers by helping them bring their client’s vision to life with fast, flexible lending solutions. Please contact Priyanka Sharma at or call her at 250-591-4601. Our toll-free number is 1-855-278-5924.

Mortgage Applications can be submitted to us through Filogix.

Quick, Customized Mortgages

The mortgage market has changed and your clients are feeling the pinch. Today’s buyers are confronting new terms like stress tests, B-20 rules and OSFI, as well as facing mortgage restrictions plus additional taxes coming from all levels of government. Your buyers look to you for guidance and you can look to us for funding.

460 MIC is an alternate resource for you and your clients. Although extremely judicious in our analysis and approval of mortgages, our team could be the solution you and your clients are looking for. Work with us and we promise you a fast and fair answer, usually within two days.

Looking for alternative financing for your best clients? Contact us today at 1-855-278-5924 and ask us about our 460 MIC Rewards program for brokers.